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Sheds Patios And Homes offers a wide range of eye-catching designs for a workshop to match your needs and requirements. Be it a small backyard workshop or a large industrial workshop, we will provide the optimal solution for you.


We use premium quality steel in all our buildings that can be tailored to your requirements and surroundings.

Our designs can be customised and unique enough that they’ll make your workshop stand out in your surroundings. You can provide us with the dimensions and your idea of the design and we’ll provide the workshop as per your specifications. You can decide the number of bays and their width and all the other technical aspects like sheeting, ventilation and insulation to enhance the look and feel of the workshop.

Our variety of workshops are fully engineered and are available in a number of colors. We provide durable yet affordable solutions. All material we use is guaranteed premium quality!

Variety of Service

If you’re looking to build the workshop yourself, we can provide you a comprehensive construction manual and all the support you could need with the supply and design aspects.
Get your workshop designed according to your needs and budget by visiting us at  440 Brisbane Terrace,Redbank,Ipswich City QLD 4301 or simply request a quote today!