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Steel Barns

If you’re residing in a rural area and looking for a steel barn to shelter your livestock or a storage space for your vehicles or tools or even  an office space, then look no further because Sheds Patios And Homes has  the ultimate solution for you!

Our premium quality galvanized steel will make sure your barn stays durable and lasts longer even in our harsh climate and will continue to do so for its lifetime .

Skillion or Gable Roof

The traditional barns we set up come with a gable of about 22.5 degrees as standard but this can be changed to suit your requirements and needs. The bay widths are also customizable and we will make sure the barn will be exactly like the sketch in your mind. If not old-fashioned style, you can also chose a modern design with a skillion roof and can customize the barn for ventilation and insulation.

For additional storage we can raise the height of the center bay so you can store large items like vehicles or boats. This way, you will have more capacity to cater your storage needs.


We at Sheds Patios And Homes provide a variety of designs, so you can pick out your favorite or we can design it especially for you.

You can let us know the number of doors you want and the dimensions. Also, you can choose extras like motorized roller doors, mezzanine floors, dividing walls and much more.

Over foremost concern is the quality and customer satisfaction so we make sure to use the best material available for the building with a wide range of colors and designs for you to choose from.

Get your barn designed according to your needs and budget by visiting us at 440 Brisbane Terrace,Redbank,Ipswich City QLD 4301 or simply request a quote today.