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Residential Garages

Sheds Patios And Homes provides a large variety to choose from when it comes to residential garages. We are known for garaports, multi-car garages and residential garages.

Design Specifications

As construction material, we use premium quality galvanized steel available in a wide range of colors. To ensure quality and strenth, all our garages are fully engineered and certified.

Sheds Patios And Homes provides solutions for both urban areas, as well as rural. You just need to consider the design and provide us with the dimensions like length, span and height, and we’ll create your ultimate residential garage.

Optional Extras

We also can provide multiple extras for your garage, like providing multiple motorized roller doors. Skylight sheeting, insulation and ventilation and vermin proofing. All can also be added to enhance the look and comfort of your garage.

Get your garage according to your needs and budget by visiting us at 440 Brisbane Terrace,Redbank,Ipswich City QLD 4301 or simply request a quote today !