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Industrial & Commercial Sheds

Sheds Patios And Homes is known for providing the best industrial and commercial solutions throughout the region due to the durability of our products and our dedication to the task. Be it commercial buildings or buildings ranging from industrial workshops, factories, schools, warehouses or offices, we provide the finest and best solution to your needs.

Cold Form Buildings

The most popular form of industrial sheds we produce is the cold form industrial buildings in which we use the finest quality steel. The frames can be designed according to the dimensions provided by you but the standard lengths are usually greater than 200m with 7m height.

The material we use is guaranteed premium as we do not compromise on quality. There is variety of colors and designs available for you to choose from and we also provide a number of extras that will fulfill your every need.

Customized Designs

Furthermore, We can design your building from scratch catering to all your requirements, or you may want us to provide an addition to a existing building, do let us know by visiting us at 440 Brisbane Terrace,Redbank,Ipswich City QLD 4301 or simply request a quote today.