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Arenas and Stables

For healthy horse breeding and training, it is necessary to have a quality shelter. We can provide you with the solution for your ultimate horse shelter, Sheds Patios And Homes provides a huge variety of designs for stables and arenas. Our durable and tough construction materials can endure all harsh weathers.

The construction material used is premium quality galvanized steel available in a number of colors for your ultimate arena or stable. Our construction is certified and all the designs are site specific. We make sure designs suit clients requirements.

Equestrian Riding Arenas

Riding covers and equestrian arenas are available in a large number of designs or we can create one to suit your design requirements . You can provide us with the dimensions of the arena and we can set up your ultimate arena exactly like the design in your mind.

Our arenas last a lifetime and can endure harsh weather and will retain their robustness and rigidness. Moreover, to face weather challenges, enclosed arenas could be a better option.

Steel Stables

Our steel stables are also available in a number of designs but can be altered as to suit your requirements. You can provide stable designs of your own choice and you can chose either open or enclosed stables.

Get your arena or stable designed according to your needs and budget by visiting us at 440 Brisbane Terrace,Redbank,Ipswich City QLD 4301 or simply request a quote today before we get busy!